Peckham Public Schools

Peckham Public Schools

72,000 sqft
$8.4 Million


A rural school district gets a huge increase in valuation due to new wind farms in the district. They use the money to give their students and faculty a facility that everyone can be proud of.

Peckham Public Schools was a school district that wasn't able to fix its ailing facilities. There were no indoor corridors, which means students had to walk out in the elements to go to the restroom. Classrooms were small and many were without windows. The school lacked adequate space for computer labs, science labs, and many 21st century requirements for a modern education. They hired TriArch to help them pass a bond and design their new facilities. Using all of the existing buildings, TriArch created a design that added 40,000 sqft to their existing 32,000 sqft. The wind farm revenue minimized the tax increase while maximizing the budget.

TriArch designed a  gymnasium/activity center, multiple classrooms throughout, a kitchen/cafeteria, safe room, computer labs, science labs. and an entry and administration area. All corridors became interior spaces. The renovation/addition was able to seamlessly blend 9 different structures while maintaining simple wayfinding and ADA accessibility throughout.

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