What is TruTribe™?

Scott Vrooman, our founder and principal architect, is a proud member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. As a business owner who is also Native American, he can authentically have the empathy and authority needed to truly serve our many tribal clients.

Are all Native American firms authentic?

In Oklahoma, most "Indian-owned" architectural firms are not authentic. Typically, one of 3 situations is the norm:

  • A larger firm starts a subsidiary firm that has a majority ownership from one of the Native American employees. The new susidiary is still beholden to the larger firm.
  • a non-Native American architect pays a Native-American person to become a majority owner of their company. At worst, this is fraudulent and at best it is unethical.
  • A Native American non-architect hires an architect to become a licensed firm. The resulting architectural solutions are not reflective of true Native American interests.

Because TriArch was both founded by and is run by Scott, we are one of the few architectural firms in Oklahoma that is authentically Native American.

How does this benefit you?

This means that your project benefits from the empathy and authority that comes from our TruTribe™ designation.

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