design in days instead of WEEKS.

As a church, you need answers quickly. You can't wait for weeks or months before the designs and budgets are assessed. We can do in days what most architect do in weeks. Try our Day1Design™ program to get the building project answers you need quickly.

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How do you get quick answers about your next building project?

Through unique processes that we have honed with over 75 church master plans, we can give you design and budget answers in days rather than weeks or months.

  • Quick existing condition assessment
  • Quick Code assessment
  • Immediate vision-casting session
  • Quick conceptual design and renderings
  • Automated budgeting tied to the design
  • Fundraising video that "tells your story."
Whatever your story, we feel strongly about designing the stage so that you can impact the most people. Quickly.

Your facilities are an important part of relating your story to others. If it's not done right, it can be a distraction and even an impedance to your purpose. Churches understand this more than most, and at TriArch, we empower you to give your deacons, committees, and members the answers they need in a way that eliminates waiting and uncertainty.