At TriArch, we strive to differentiate ourselves through our breadth & quality of services. Find out more about our general services as well as our unique value-added services.

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We offer full-service architectural services for your commercial or residential building.

  • Master Planning. We have designed over 50 master plans. Get the maximum amount of information about your future project with the minimum amount of investment.
  • Programming. We meet with all of the stakeholders to understand your needs, then we create a room area program to help guide your project.
  • Code/Zoning Assessment. Full code analysis of your existing facilities.
  • Existing Condition Documentation. We use LIDAR scanners to 3D scan your existing facilities for documentation.
  • Estimating. We will use our most recent historical costing data to closely estimate your project.
  • Scheduling. We help you navigate design and building schedules for your project.
  • Migration Studies. Let us help you plan your move from your existing buildings to your new project while making sure your people are safe and secure along the way.
  • Visualization. Renderings, animations, virtual-reality and real-time game-engine walk-throughs. We have pioneered the adoption of high-end visualization.
  • Schematic Design. Conceptual and preliminary designs.
  • Design Development. Systems and Structure are added to the drawings for a more thorough cost analysis.
  • Construction Documentation. Full contract documents for bidding and building the project. These include specifications and instructions to bidders.
  • Bid Procurement. We can help you with your bidding process--ensuring that contractors are bidding apples to apples.
  • Construction Administration. We help observe the construction process to ensure that the contractor is building the building as it was designed.
  • Interior Design Services. We have 3 award-winning interior designers that can design your commercial or residential project.
  • Graphic Design. We design environmental graphics as well as logos, brochures, websites, etc. In fact, everything on this website was designed in-house.
  • Video Capture and Editing. We help tell the story of your organization or your project through our substantial video capture equipment and in-house editing studio.
  • Drone Video & Still Photo Capture. We have 4 drones that can document your property or building from the air.
Our talented people and exemplary processes are what make our service offerings so vast and responsive for what you need.