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what is your story?

Since 2004, we have been creating spaces that allow you to impact others through your story.

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You aspire to inspire people. At TriArch, we call this aspiration your story.

  • If you're a school superintendent, you believe that education can change the lives of young people.
  • If you're a pastor, you believe that faith in God can give purpose to those seeking spiritual truths.
  • If you're a tribal leader, your calling might be to facilitate the wellness needs of your tribal members.
  • If you're a parent, you want to leave a legacy of memories and life-lessons to your children.
Whatever your story, we feel strongly about designing the stage so that you can impact the most people.

Your facilities are an important part of relating your story to others. If it's not done right, it can be a distraction and even an impedance to your purpose.

The Story of Architecture

We believe in designing architecture to align your story.  You have a story to share--we see architecture as a means to connect your story to the ones who can best benefit from it.

what is our story?

We exist to facilitate the growth of a person's character, experiences, and memories through the spaces they occupy. Our designs tell your story to bring your unique purpose into reality.

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We aspire to design buildings with purpose.

Purpose driven buildings have a "why" attached to them.  At TriArch, it's not what we do that sets us apart, it's why we do it.  It is our purpose.

What is your "why?"

Every architectural firm will tell you that they have exemplary customer service, pleasing aesthetics to their buildings, and great processes for the design of those buildings.  TriArch adheres to these same principles--but that is "what" we do.  It is only half the story.  There is an integral piece of your design that is woven throughout that only comes from understanding your purpose.  

The knowledge of your "why" will enhance the solutions because it will be the glue that holds all of the functions together.