Office Manager/ Marketing


"Laughter keeps everyone feeling wonderful." - Betty White


What is your background?

I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. I graduated in 2021 from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor in Marketing.

What is a Fun Fact About You?

Throughout my childhood, for 15 years I was a regional/national champion in gymnastics. As fun as it was, I am currently feeling all the aches and pains from many years of training/competing. It was definitely worth it though.

Who is one of your heroes?

My father. He is my role model. He motivates me and keeps me going. He has shown me how to be a strong, creative, faith-driven woman. He is the reason I am who I am today.

Why did you get into this profession?

One of my many passions is photography which began my love for unique/historical architectural buildings and designs. On top of that I married an architect, which has been a fun added bonus!