BIM Tech


"Women date the bad boy cool guys, but marry the funny ones."


What is your background?

I was born and raised in Tulsa and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Theater degree in 2017. I currently live in Dallas as I work remotely for TriArch. I am TriArch's Director of Comedy and also a member of the Citizen Potowatami Tribe, but not necessarily in that order.

What is a Fun Fact About You?

I have acted with both Dennis Quaid and the kid from Jurassic Park who gets electrocuted on the fence.

What is Your Favorite Project?

I have worked on the Tulsa Parade of Homes Magazine for the last two years. It's been very rewarding to be responsible for drafting and compiling 150 different house plans and elevations and get to see the final product being used for the actual Parade of Homes.

Who is one of your heroes?

My Granddad is one of my heroes. He emulates what it takes and what it's like to truly start and create a Legacy. He's smart, kind, funny, and wears socks with his sandals. Of course he is my hero!

Notable Projects