Chickasaw Ada Wellness Center

Chickasaw Nation

27,000 sqft
$9.5 Million

Conquering Wellness

A flagship wellness center is conceived for an unconquered nation.

The Chickasaw Nation hired TriArch to design their flagship wellness center located in Ada, OK. The tribe has an innovative holistic wellness program called Unconquered Life, and they wanted a building that could host some of the new technology needed for this program. The wellness center is over 33,000sqft, and it has an indoor running track, a 2-story cardio area, a weight room, several studio rooms for dance and classes, a cafe, and administration area, and a children's play area. The wellness center has 2 rooms that utilize a state-of-the-art Pavigym system that introduces the gamification of workouts.

The architectural style is clean and modern, and the forms were designed to represent a central lobby with elements radiating outward like a pinwheel from that core. The form represents movement and the embracing of a centralized core--ultimately reflecting the process of a human body working to get fit.

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