Kickapoo Tiny House Village

Kickapoo Tribe

500 sqft/unit
$1 Million

Tiny Timeliness

A tribal housing village sets a new standard in efficiency and timeliness during the pandemic with 10 tiny houses.

The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma was able to receive a grant for 10 mobile vehicles in December of 2020. The only problem is that they had to purchase the tiny homes before the end of the year, and the pandemic had led to a national shortage of pre-manufactured tiny homes. The tribe hired TriArch to help formulate the logistics for designing and building the homes within 3 months. TriArch was able to design 3 elevations and 2 floor plan variations that could be built in a warehouse and delivered to the site when finished. The tiny houses are approximately 500 sqft and consist of a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and family room. Five of the units have a separate loft area to serve as a 2nd sleeping area. Each unit also has a covered front porch.

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