Seminole Veteran's Center

Seminole Nation

6,200 sqft
$1.6 Million

A Veteran's Journey

A tribe honors their veterans by building a venue to commemorate their service.

The Seminole Tribe of Oklahoma hired TriArch to help them design and conceive a building that would both honor their veterans and give them a place for fellowship and reflection. TriArch designed a building that signifies the journey of a veteran--from the moment they dream about serving their country to the moment they pass from this world.

Respect. The veteran's center is on axis with the cemetery 1/4 mile to the east. This axis represents the flow of traffic as one enters the building. The building is 6,200 sqft and the plan is designed with a 60 degree triangular grid to help establish the linear flow of the building. The roof ridge slopes upward from front to back representing the ascension that a veteran's soul and spirit make as they navigate life.

Excitement. The entrance is inviting with glass and a large triangular overhang. It represents the anticipation and excitement that one feels as they dream of serving in the military.

Apprehension. Once inside, the walls angle inward to constrict flow--representing the trepidation that a veteran experiences when first starting bootcamp and being deployed. The restrooms are accessible from this area.

Deployment. As the person continues on the axis, they enter the gallery corridor that opens up with vast volumes but has different masses working in and out of the space. This represents the chaos and amplitude of the war theater. A visitor can see glimpses of the windows on the other side of the building that leads to the cemetery, but the focus is still on the space they are currently standing in. This is the core of the building. A gallery of artifacts and art work is found here, with access to the dining/meeting room, administration, and color guard room.

Retirement. Here the corridor constricts once again to represent the transition between military life and civilian life and the unknowns that follow. The kitchen access is found here.

Reflection. Finally, the space opens up into the rear lobby which gives a full view of the cemetery while also creating a comforting and peaceful space. The veteran's lounge is accessed from this area, and is designed to give the men and women a place all their own.

TriArch worked closely with the veteran's committee to ensure their wishes and desires were fully integrated into the design.

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