Kickapoo Elder Duplexes

Kickapoo Tribe

1,000 sqft/unit

Elder Modern

Duplexes for elders sets the tone for a mid-century modern style in a new tribal housing subdivision.

The Kickapoo Tribe developed Village West--a residential subdivision in Shawnee, OK--to help alleviate some of the affordable housing shortages for tribal members. The elder duplexes were conceived to be a place for elder tribal members. The units are approximately 1,000sqft and consist of 2 bedrooms and 1-1/4 baths. They feature a large kitchen, family room, laundry room, and ample storage. The duplexes are fully ADA accessible and each unit features a storm shelter. TriArch has done several projects for the Kickapoo Tribe and has been able to turn around approved designs in days rather than weeks while also keeping the designs on budget.

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