Kickapoo Healthcare Center

Kickapoo Tribe

12,000 sqft
$2.1 Million

Improving Health

The Kickapoo Tribe adds a new building to their healthcare campus to alleviate overcrowding and address an aging pharmacy.

The Kickapoo Tribe hired TriArch to design a new healthcare expansion that includes exam rooms, physician provider offices, nurse's station, reception area, and a full-service drive-through lobby. Because of COVID, the existing pharmacy wasn't meeting the needs of the patients since there was no drive-through prescription pick up area.

TriArch was able to design a building that takes the existing aesthetic of the campus and adds some modern touches. A 2-lane pharmacy drive-through allows patients to pick up their prescriptions much more efficiently without human contact. The exam rooms, triage room, treatment room, and physician offices are all state-of-the-art while the mechanical infrastructure has special virus-killing equipment.

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