Grey Snow Eagle House

Iowa Tribe

12,000 sqft
$2 Million

Wings of an Eagle

An eagle sanctuary gets a suitable venue for educating the public.

The Iowa Tribe has a vast eagle sanctuary and eagle education program. They hired TriArch to help them design a building that can help them tell the story of their eagles in a better way. TriArch designed a 12,000 sqft building that hosts a 250-seat eagle auditorium, a showcase gallery that highlights the history of the program and conservation efforts, an administration area, and a conference room.

The auditorium is designed so that the golden and bald eagles can fly from the rear of the space to the stage, and vice-versa. The handlers have an extensive network of back-of-house facilities to allow them to temporarily house the birds during the presentations.

The exterior was conceived as an abstract eagle with his wing extended in flight.

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