Cherokee PS Sports Complex

Cherokee Public Schools

$6 Million

Tracking Victory

A track and field powerhouse builds a dream sports complex.

Cherokee Public Schools has a long history with track and field success through the years. Unfortunately, their track had fallen into disrepair over the years. Used to hosting regional and state tournaments, their existing track would no longer support the needs of modern athletes. In 2015, the district hired TriArch to help them pass a $6 million bond that paid for a new sports complex, an auditorium renovation, and renovations at the elementary school. The sports complex was a ground-up renovation consisting of a football field with field turf, new bleachers and press box, new baseball and softball fields, and a new track and field. In addition, the bond paid for a new agricultural show barn on the campus.

Cherokee now hosts regional and state track tournaments again, and their football team has had sustained success since the projects were completed.

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