Frontier PS Storm Shelter/STEAM Center

Frontier Public Schools

6,000 sqft
$1.2 Million

STEAM and Storm

A school in the Oklahoma plains builds a community storm shelter that doubles as a STEAM center for students.

RedRock Oklahoma had seen a tornado up close in the early 2000's, with several other storms coming too close for comfort for the sprawling Frontier Public Schools campus. This section of Oklahoma is a well-known corridor for severe weather, and the 3 small storm shelters scattered throughout the campus were inadequate to handle quick shelter. TriArch was hired to help them pass their bond, and then design the storm shelter to be able to protect over 500 students. The storm shelter also doubles as a STEAM center with science labs and maker spaces inside of 3 large classrooms.

In addition, the school needed to build a bus canopy on the other side of campus to keep students out of the elements when buses picked up and dropped off.

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