Okeene PS Gymnasium

Okeene Public Schools

32,000 sqft
$6.5 Million

Whippet Good

A rural school realizes their dream of consolidating their sporting facilities as they build a place that can be used by students and the community alike.

The Okeene Whippets have split their varsity sports between 2 campuses for years. The existing gym was located in the high school while the football, baseball, and track facilities were a mile away. The district had long dreamed of building a large gymnasium at the sports facility that could also be a multi-purpose activity center for the community.

The district hired TriArch to help them realize their dream through our PassYourBond™ program. We designed the new building, created a video to communicate to the district, and then led many town halls to answer questions when it was up for approval. When the bond passed, TriArch finalized the design and the rest is history.

This bond consisted of a new gymnasium that seats 1,000 people, converting the old gym into a storm shelter, and new parking areas. The new gym has an elevated walking track that is usable by the community, a hospitality room, a large concession/lobby, and varsity and junior varsity locker rooms. The gym is designed to be on axis with a much larger master plan designed by TriArch that would consolidate classroom buildings onto the sports campus in the future.

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