Chouteau PS High School

Chouteau Public Schools

36,000 sqft
$5.5 Million

Twin Towers

A split school district unifies to build a new high school

Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools is made up of two communities. One of them is predominantly manufacturing and the other group is agricultural. To have a successful vote on a bond issue, it took both communities to support it. TriArch designed a new high school that celebrates both communities by creating two tower elements that are joined by a central spine. This symbolizes the two areas coming together for education. The new high school consisted of 20 classrooms, a cafeteria, a renovated gymnasium, a media room, a band room with a storm shelter, art room, and an overall tie in to the existing administration building. Because the building came in under budget, the school was also able to renovate and existing ag shop building.

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