Swenning Residence

6,400 sqft
$1.5 Million

Canadian Farmhouse Comes to Tulsa

Located at the gateway to Woodward Park in Tulsa, this house embraces a charming old world aesthetic contrasted with modern details.

The Swenning residence was a complete renovation of an existing 2-story saltbox-style resdience. The house backed up to Woodward Park in Tulsa and had majestic views of both the park and downtown. The owners wanted to completely renovate the house inside and out while adding a separate pool house and other modern amenities. Reclaimed wood was brought into the proejct to give it an authentic rustic atmosphere. The old wood was coupled with clean lines and simple detailing as a purposeful contrast. Built in 2009, this house looks like it has been there for over a century standing guard to the beloved midtown park.

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