Word of Life Church

Word of Life Church

42,000 sqft
$5.5 Million

Intersecting Faith

A growing Jacksonville church embraces diversity by celebrating intersections inside their building.

Word of Life Church hired TriArch to help them create a church that enhanced chance encounters and celebrated the fellowship that follows. Located in Flowood, Mississippi, WOL had a completely different concept originally for their new structure. The founder of the church suddenly passed away, and the vision went on hold. Five years later, the founder's son was hired to revive the church. What he realized is that their church had a great diversity in people and ethnic groups, and he wanted to highlight that.

Typically, a church will use corridors and lobbies as a means to get from one place to another. TriArch used these elements to enhance and celebrate the points of intersection and fellowship. Instead of remaining insulated, people meet total strangers and form relationships with them.

The church consists of a 1,000 seat auditorium, a children's area, a youth area, adult classrooms, a cafe, an outdoor patio, and large gathering areas that form the intersections within.

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