Asbury Student Center

Asbury United Methodist Church

48,000 sqft
$5.5 Million

Student Revival

Asbury UMC revitalizes their student ministry with a 48,000 sqft Student and Activity Center.

Asbury United Methodist Church hired TriArch to design a student ministry space back in 2006. While the space served the ministry well, it was separated from their main campus by a parking lot, and through the years the church's vision has shifted to connect the students more with the main church campus.

Calling on TriArch again to design their new student space, the emphasis was put on a more holistic ministry experience for the 6th-12th graders. The new space hosts a gymnasium and recreation area for physical growth. Two separate worship venues facilitate spiritual growth, and a large classroom and breakout discussion areas will enable mental/emotional growth. The new building has a large commons area that is designed to maximize random and purposeful connection alike, as well as a cafe/snack bar that will serve both the commons area and the recreational areas. A large outdoor patio with fabric sunshades allow the students to enjoy outside activities when the weather allows. Finally, new administration offices have been added to allow the staff to run the ministry while also maintaining close proximity to the youth.

The style of the architecture is designed to give a nod to the traditional gothic architecture on the campus, while also introducing a more modern aesthetic to appeal to the demographic that the building serves.

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