Tinker's Glass House

Dr. Pat Tinker

4,200 sqft
$1.5 Million

Blast From the Past

This 4,000sf restaurant was designed as part of an old 1919 glass production building in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Much care was given to preserving the exterior motif while completely renovating the interiors.

A retired Bartlesville cardiologist had always wanted to have a second career as a restauranteur. The old Perkins Glasshouse in Bartlesville seemed like the perfect location for him to introduce his cajun cuisine to the people of Bartlesville. Built in 1919, the building housed a glass-making shop before it was converted into a millwork shop. Dr. Tinker wanted to bring back a lot of the original historical details while expanding and bringing everything up to current codes. TriArch was hired to address the historical renovation--including the structural rehabilitation, the renovation of finishes, code compliance, and the pursuit of historical tax credits.

A roof top patio was added along with an elevator to service the 2nd floor, with a bar on each level. The restaurant has a built-in pizza oven as well as a deli to purchase cuisine to go.

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