Bethany Student Center

Bethany Church

Broken Arrow
12,000 sqft
$2 Million

Student Body

11,000 sf youth facility that hosts worship, classrooms, a food commons, and an indoor basketball area.

Bethany Church in Broken Arrow hired TriArch to create a new student facility that could also serve the church with a contemporary service on Sunday morning. Conceptually, the building was designed to reflect the core mission of the church--which was to be different, be real, and follow Jesus. Those tenets were woven into the design by slightly adjusting the orientation angle of the building relative to a shell outer building (be different), by creating canted walls at the entry to introduce a sense of stress prior to entering the building (accepting the pressures around you and being vulnerable to them), and finally designing a large space flooded with daylight and clean geometry to symbolize the resolution beyond the stress that Jesus offers us.

One of the ministries important to the youth program was connecting with basketball players from nearby schools. Because of this, a half-court indoor basketball court was added. Other spaces include a 250 person auditorium for worship, a snack bar, classrooms, a large commons area to facilitate connections, and a large covered patio area for enjoying games.

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