Asbury Children's Expansion

Asbury United Methodist Church

25,000 sqft
$6 Million

Leaps And Bounds

A Tulsa church doubles their PreK-5th grade facilities to accommodate growth.

Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa hired TriArch to expand their children's facility by 25,000 sqft. The renovation consisted of 2 floors with multiple classrooms, a children's auditorium, a separate children's entry, and playful theming throughout.

TriArch matched the existing church structure while adding modern twists on the architecture. For example, the opportunity arose for an open 2-story lobby to install a theatrical tree that spans floor to ceiling. This allowed TriArch to make nature a common theme...even down to the rooms being named after bugs. The flooring was designed to have patterns that mimicked dirt and water flowing through it.

This renovation doubled their existing children's area and allowed the church to meet their growth needs both now and in the future. The project also added a covered portico for a car drive-through at a nearby church entry. The project cost was $6 million.

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