Abiding Harvest New Campus

Abiding Harvest UMC

Broken Arrow
16,000 sqft
$2 Million

Abiding Time

A church takes a leap of faith to build new

Abiding Harvest United Methodist Church was meeting in a converted retail strip mall in southeast Tulsa. As a new church plant, their pastor had a vision to purchase 10 acres of land in Broken Arrow. Within 5 years, the church was ready to take a leap of faith and build new on the new land--it was time. TriArch worked closely with the staff to determine concepts and kingdom principles. The church had a vision to serve both the surrounding neighborhood and to be a seeker-friendly destination for the community at large.

TriArch was able to reflect this vision by adhering the design to two independent organizational grids. The main grid would be perpendicular to the surrounding neighborhood and would create several towers that oriented toward the nearby streets. The secondary grid is rotated to orient toward downtown Tulsa--symbolizing the outreach the church would seek at a community level. The main circulation spine is on axis with this grid, giving the church a dynamic component as it integrates with the rest of the structure.

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