TriArch Building

Origins Development

8,000 sqft
$1.5 Million

Sustainable Creativity

An architect's office embraces sustainable design while designing for creativity.

We wanted to put our money where our mouth was. So many architects try to influence their clients to practice sustainable design--but we wanted to actually do it with our own building. In 2009, the TriArch Building was Tulsa's first LEED-registered (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) commercial building in downtown Tulsa. Through the use of energy-efficient strategies (green roof, monitored lighting and HVAC), clean air quality (low-VOC materials, natural ventilation), water efficiency (low-flush toilets and showers, tankless hot water), and many other techniques, we were able to take an old 1919 building and make it into a modern structure that adheres to today's energy standards.

We added a covered front patio to make the entrance less imposing and create a sense of relief from people walking the downtown sidewalks. 3,500 sqft of the roof was converted into a grass roof to give employees an oasis for work breaks. The white open structure was complemented with highlighted colorful walls.

TriArch has officed in this building since 2009 and we can't think of a more creative space to inspire the architecture that we design.

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