Mixco Bar

Mixed Company

3,500 sqft

Speak-Easy Spirits

A downtown bar embraces its speak-easy basement location by designing prohibition-era finishes.

Mixed Company (MixCo) hired TriArch to turn their basement venue into a speak-easy themed bar. Located across the street from the BOK center in Tulsa, the bar wanted a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic while also celebrating it's basement location by creating a mystery-style entry. When you enter, you don't know what you are about to walk into. A curved ramp allows ADA access to the main floor while also creating a spacer to allow for more of a procession into the bar.

Traditional finishes were mixed with modern style to create a hip, energetic speak-ease that also reflects its historical roots. The bar consists of a commercial kitchen, large bar, luxury booths, VIP rooms, and a stand up drinking area.

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