BUI Office Building

Builder's Unlimited Corporate Office

Broken Arrow
4,800 sqft
$1 Million

A Builder's Building

A 3rd-generation construction company explores their Native American roots with their corporate offices.

Builder's Unlimited is a 3rd generation family construction company that had recently gone through a transition from their 2nd to 3rd generation. As the first woman-owner of the company, the new president wanted BUI to have a warm presence in their offices with a nod toward the Native American-centric projects they build. TriArch worked closely with the owner to create an iconic structure with bold turquoise highlights throughout. The building consists of a large lobby that showcases their work, a conference room, an open work area, offices, break room, and restrooms. The building uses natural materials and is designed around a pre-engineered metal structure--which is indicative of most of their projects.

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