oel Sims did not want to be a pastor.  His father headed Word of Life Church and they had just designed a beautiful church that was getting ready to start construction.  Joel was happy to start his collegiate journey and figure out what he wanted to be.  Then the unthinkable happened when his father suddenly died. The new church was put and time plodded on.  The next few years, Joel felt a stirring to a calling that he had never felt before.  A few years, later he decided to go to seminary to fulfil what he now knew to be his destiny.  He became the leader of the church and the congregation embraced him.  But it was a different church now.  It celebrated intersections of lives, filled with cultural diversity.

Worship Facilities MagazineApril 2012Joel hired TriArch to design a church that reflected those relationships.  TriArch designed the building so that places of intersections were celebrated rather than tolerated.  A journey through a hallway became a prominent means of random fellowship, just as the main rotunda became the main place for gathering.  The church opened in 2011 on the same site Joel's father had started construction 10 years earlier.  Worship Facilities Magazine wrote about the church in 2012.