Vinita, OK

Vinita Public Schools was making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.  Mold had been discovered at one of their schools and publicity was being given to the growing health hazards as opposed to the above-average graduation rates.  The buildings were allowing moisture to infiltrate while the ventilation was sub-standard through years of budget constraints.


The district hired TriArch Architecture to help them design and tell their story to the community and on April 3rd, 2012, the voters of Vinita decided to pass a $5.4 Million bond that would ensure that the students in Vinita would finally get their healthy schools.


The school district took the step to leapfrog many other schools in Oklahoma in indoor air quality by designing toward LEED® registration on a new elementary school.  LEED®  (Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design) is the industry standard for sustainable building design and construction. By taking this step, Vinita is one of only 8 schools in the state who have either registered or been awarded LEED® certification.  TriArch is proud to be one of Oklahoma's only architecture firms with LEED school experience.

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