Union High School had outgrown its Education Service Center.  They decided to buy a new office building and convert it to meet their needs.  The original building was built in the 1970’s and had a very unpleasant aesthetic both on the outside and the inside.  Union communicated the following criteria to TriArch:


•  The lobby was to be open and inviting (made much more difficult because of the existing 8’ ceilings).

•  The board meeting room was to be state-of-the-art in its design of the newest technology and aesthetic trends.

•  The exterior would pronounce to the community the concepts that Union has founded its principles on

•  Finally, the individual offices would give the staff a new environment that would help infuse the vigor and the passion for the task at hand.


Union opened their new Education Service Center in time for the 2005/2006 calendar year on time and on budget.


Area:  45000sf

Budget:  $2 Million

Completion: August 2005