Watch Safe Schools Presentatione design purpose-driven buildings —buildings that have a “why” attached to them. As a firm specializing in K-12 architecture, we believe that when it comes to schools, the “why” is answered when a student is able to advance his or her life because of education. And it’s our job to help make that happen.


Along with traditional K-12 & Career Tech experience, we also are experts on safe rooms and secure entrances.  In fact, we have presented to CCOSA and Vision 20/20 on these topics.

Watch PassYourBond VideoEvery school has a story to tell.  Most Oklahoma schools have inadequate facilities to educate their students effectively.  Relying on a tax-raising vote of your district  to receive funding seems daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way.  PassYourBond was created to help you tell your story to your people.  At no risk, you can have professionally produced designs, videos, and marketing material to educate and inspire voters about your bond issue and influence them to become part of the solution.


We have a 100% success rate and over half of the bond campaigns that we work with raise taxes by 15% or more--allowing the school districts to finally catch up with some of their facility needs.


It costs nothing, but you can't afford to not do it.