n 2004, Scott Vrooman and two others started TriArch with the simple objective of creating architecture that serves a higher purpose than just shelter.  Scott originally served as the Director of Design, and in 2006, Mary Kreider joined the firm as Director of Interiors,  becoming an owner in 2007.  In 2010, Scott and Mary became sole owners and TriArch became an Indian-owned business with Scott's Indian ancestry.


TriArch has designed hundreds of commercial projects over the years, including dozens of schools, churches, non-profit facilities, and tribal projects.  In addition, Scott is responsible for the design of over 500 homes in and around Oklahoma.  We are a TERO-certified (Indian-owned) firm that has targeted architectural projects that are purpose-driven.


We believe in designing architecture to align your story.  You have a story to share--whether it is the benefits of education,  the resonation of the spirit,  the cause of your non-profit, or the wellness of your tribe.  We see architecture as a means to connect your story to the ones who can best benefit from it.


In 2009, we bought our office building in downtown Tulsa and renovated it to become Tulsa's first LEED-certified (Leadership In Energy & Environmental Design) building in the Inner Dispersal Loop downtown.  We enjoy having our office in the heart of the growing East Village downtown and we have hosted many events & seminars both inside our office and on our grass-covered roof.  In addition to our own office building, we have achieved LEED certified status with other buildings and we adhere to sustainable design principles whether our clients seek LEED designation or not.


Since 2007, we have used Building Information Modeling (BIM) exclusively to produce all of our production drawings--allowing us to bring better 3D visualization to you while also reducing change orders in the field.


TriArch specializes in the design of schools, churches, non-profits, wellness centers, tribal facilities, residences, and miscellaneous commercial projects.