Watch a video about our processou have a message that needs to be heard.  Worship, teaching, praise, discipleship, and fellowship are all cornerstones of how to convey that message.  Do your facilities enhance that process or inhibit it?


Scripture says "Without a vision, people perish."  We feel that also applies to the long term facility vision of the church.  A church should have a master plan that gives them a direction of growth over the next 10-15 years.


TriArch has developed Day1Design to help churches ascertain important design, construction, budgeting, and scheduling information in a very short time.  Since 2004, we have designed over 50 church projects and master plans


The Day1Design process includes the following:

•  Determine the financial capacity of your church by using sound church business processes.

•  Complete a thorough statistical growth estimation and develop a working program for the quantity and type of space needed for each function.

•  Assess the existing buildings, including a thorough code review.

•  Assess a new site (if needed), including a zoning and drainage review.

•  Provide the church with a 3D design of the future campus with phases, budgets, and schedule.

•  Create a path for success through fundraising and capital campaign tools.


Find out why so many churches have used TriArch to help them design and strategize a long-term facility plan that meets their vision.


Let us connect your faith story to others through architecture.