New Kid On The Block

Scott Vrooman - Thursday, February 05, 2015

TriArch uses interns occasionally to help build an "apprenticeship" for a student who is questioning whether to go forward in the profession.  Last May, we hosted Emily Barton – a recent graduate of Holland Hall Preparatory School in Tulsa.  Emily is now a student at the University of Georgia, but we asked her to write a blog before she left TriArch last summer.  It is our goal to have her write more blog entries in the future to see if her perspective changes over the years.  This is her first entry, written on May 15, 2014:


It’s always hard being the new kid. It is especially hard when you are the new kid among a bunch of adults as has been my experience being an intern at Tri Arch. Not to speak poorly on my experience as an intern but, being a heavily infected outpatient from the Senioritis ward, I initially only viewed it as a graduation requirement, something I just had to get out of the way before I could finally declare my freedom from high school. However, over the last week I’ve learned a great deal about conducting one’s self in the workplace.



As I previously said, it’s hard being a kid among a bunch of adults, which I no doubt was. The first day I walked in and was introduced to a bunch of professionals. People who had gone to school and studied what they are now doing as their career. I felt dwarfed by their knowledge of how things work even if that was just how to properly pick up the phone. Here I was, a kid who just finished high school and when you really got down to it, I didn’t know anything. Sure, I can take a derivative of a function and I can provide some excellent literary analysis but I know next to nothing that will carry me towards whatever career I choose so, this has been a very informative and useful experience to say the least.


The first day when I walked into the office I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if I would be contributing to the productivity of the office or if I would just be fetching Starbucks for my superiors (which might actually be considered contributing to the productivity) but I came in with open expectations, which were inevitably accompanied by a strong sense of anxiousness. However, that uncomfortable anxiousness, I realized, is something I will have to face a lot in the next few years. I will be facing a completely new environment and, maybe even more impressively, an entire new state that I will eventually have to grow accustomed to. Beyond that, for every single new job I get there will be an accompanying first day where I am once again the new kid. Although the prospect of moving and being dropped into a completely new environment is daunting, I have learned that there are so many interesting and exciting new opportunities that become available when you become vulnerable.


I am excited as I venture into this new chapter of my life. I am looking forward to the new relationships that I create with the new people I meet, trying new things, and learning that I don’t like some new things. I’m looking forward to learning more about myself and, little by little, coming closer to deciding what it is I want to do with my life and choosing where the next place is that I want to be the new kid. 

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