Abiding Harvest United Methodist Church was chartered in 1999 and immediately bought 10 acres in Broken Arrow, OK.  For the next 5 years, they toiled in a retail strip center growing to an average of 150 people every Sunday.  The faith of this congregation was unmatched, though, and they never stopped planning to build God’s vision for their church.


The church committee emphasized the desire to be “seeker-friendly” and less traditional.  They wanted a church that would attract a person that was potentially put off by traditional church architecture.  They hired TriArch to give them a look and feel that would satisfy this requirement, but could also be built with frugal budget using pre-manufactured metal buildings and exposed finishes.


The church consists of multiple phases, but Phase 1 was the realization of many people’s prayers and dreams.  A sanctuary was designed to hold 350 people and the church has never had less than 325 people since the opening.  It has recently gone to 2 services to facilitate the explosive growth.


Abiding Harvest United Methodist Church called on TriArch to help them realize their facility dreams.  God has done the rest.


Area:  16,000sf

Budget:  $2 Million

Completion:  2007